Going to a surf expo in search of boardshorts for the new season a few years ago, we found ourselves out of luck. Well, not out of luck, perhaps, but out of choice. Everything was in the same three block colors, some fabrics were outrageously poor quality and everything just...lacked personality. The female half of our team felt more than slightly annoyed at the fact that any female designs were either 5 cm above her knee, or 5 cm under her behind.
Feeling a bit let down we searched some more - we searched online, in stores, we looked on the beach to see what people were wearing and we still couldn’t find what we were looking for. So we decided to make it ourselves.

Who we are

We are a couple of kitesurfers who love to travel and be active outdoors, love nature and absolutely love having fun. We came to the idea of this project as consumers who wanted to get something and weren’t able to find it on the market. So we decided to create it.


We believe in self-expression and freedom, in contributing to the fight to keep our planet cleaner and in promoting talent.
Here is what makes us stand out:
- We curate artwork from young talented artists to create products that make heads turn.
- Our boardshorts are made from high quality recycled polyester fabrics that are lightweight, dry quickly and carry our fresh colors long-term.
- We believe a rider is a rider, no matter their gender - so our aim will always be to make riders look cool and edgy and to give them the comfort and confidence to perform and excel.